When it comes to your musculoskeletal system, did you know there is a way to avoid the infamous healthcare “runaround?” By “runaround” we mean the endless doctors appointments, expensive imaging or scans, and all the time wasted in between. 

Well there is! And it’s called “Direct Access.” 

Direct Access means that you can see a Physical Therapist without needing a Physician’s referral. This healthcare law has been in place in the state of Ohio since 2004. This means when an injury pops up or you decide to finally take care of the nagging ache or pain you can go DIRECTLY to your Physical Therapist of choice. No more wasting time with unnecessary appointments or imaging. 

You might be wondering if Direct Access is really a big deal or not. Here are a few reasons why we think “Direct Access” is really worth all the hype:

1. More control for patients 

We believe that anyone dealing with injury, aches, or pains deserves the freedom to decide where and how to seek out their care. Physical Therapists are trained professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. We are the human movement experts ready to get you back to doing the activities you love.

2. Cost-effective 

Without the unnecessary appointments and costly imaging to determine if Physical Therapy is appropriate - you can avoid the potential extraneous expenses that come with them. BONUS: at BWPT, we offer a free Consultation Call to anyone interested in PT services. This means we can tell you if what you are dealing with is appropriate for Physical Therapy without ever spending a single dollar or stepping foot in our clinic. 

3. Quicker results 

You can schedule a visit to Physical Therapy immediately. We can often get you in at BWPT within the same week. Instead of the weeks or months spent getting the healthcare “runaround” you could be well on your way to feeling better if not seeing complete resolution of your condition with Physical Therapy (IF, you seek PT first) 

So when you want to take care of that pesky injury or nagging pain, you can come DIRECTLY to Bee Well Physical Therapy or take us up on our free Consultation Call. We look forward to getting you back to doing what you love! 

Bee Well, 

Dr. Athena 

Athena Ridgley

Athena Ridgley

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