Training while being injured might seem counterintuitive to most … However this is actually one of the most common mistakes we see at the clinic. 

Picture this: you are training for a specific event or goal and BOOM injury occurs. This can be devastating. For many of us, our activity of choice is a major outlet to express ourselves, manage stress, celebrate our physical abilities, etc, so when injury presents itself it can really throw off our routines. We completely halt activity in an effort to protect our body and rest in hopes of total recovery. We have good intentions but this is NOT the most effective approach for true healing. 

This exact scenario recently happened to me (Dr. Athena) earlier this Fall. Yes- PT’s can indeed get injured too *insert begrudging eye roll* and sometimes we are our own worst patients. I was suffering from a rib injury and was not prioritizing movement with modifications in my daily routine. I was in so much pain that I wanted to avoid any unnecessary movement in my day. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at this injury in an attempt to get a quick fix with no avail. It wasn’t until a great friend and colleague of mine suggested switching my focus toward returning to training with some creative modifications to keep me in a tolerable, pain-free zone. This was the key and from then on my recovery improved drastically! 

I bring this up because it is very easy to be consumed by all of the factors that come along with injury. I was so focused on my inability to participate in my favorite activities like running and lifting which in turn affected my mood and energy levels. Even as a professional, I needed an outside perspective to help guide me and emphasize the importance of modified movement. 

So the next time an injury occurs, instead of immediately going for the age old habits of halting activity and rest - reach out to your favorite Bee Well PT! We will create a plan to continue your training with creative movement modifications and get you back to doing what you love!

Bee Well, 

Dr. Athena

Athena Ridgley

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